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  • project
    An immensely talented artist, Peter was keen to make his art his full time living, however he needed to be able to reach a broader audience in order to sell enough work to make this lifestyle choice viable.
  • brief
    The site, first and foremost, had to be visually engaging, and showcase the level of detail behind his unique talents. It then had to represent his different skills as both a commissionable talent, and a gallery of work for sale in order to produce both sales revenue and ongoing work. He also required the website to be easily updatable via a content management system enabling him to add or remove artwork from the site.
  • outcome
    When creating the website for Peter it was important to let his artwork shine and be the hero. Peter is now confidently adding new work to his site and adapting content and pages as he sees fit. He sells more work via his site, and fields many enquiries on commissionable work.
  • features
    • Design and Development
    • Responsive layouts
    • Content Managed System
    • Website Hosting
    • User Training
    • Ongoing Support
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