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  • project
    KaraHands is a private Wellington home offering Shared Care for those families looking after loved ones, particularly children with high and complex medical needs.

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  • brief
    Helen and Cathy appoached us to create an online presence with three main objectives; Convey what KaraHands offers, Create a snapshot of the fun, love and expert care involved in being a part of this extended family charity unit and thirdly, raise awareness and funds for the cause.
  • solution
    When creating the website for KaraHands, it was important to portray a sense of the Care, Friendship and Support that underpins this extraordinary home care facility. Aiming the site at engagement and creating connections, has already reaped rewards in attracting the right kind of attention for the charity.
  • features
    • Design and Development
    • Responsive layouts
    • Content Managed System
    • Website Hosting
    • User Training
    • Ongoing Support
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